Prepare Yourself for Take-Off

Yoonet Philippines is committed to becoming the country's premier employer.

In an effort to advance this goal, we have created Launchpad; a learning program for Filipinos. Our unique program allows participants to access knowledge, build skills, and gain experience in software solutions required of international business and ignite their Virtual Assistant (VA) opportunities.

About Launchpad

Launchpad serves as a venue where Filipinos can experience what it is like to work for international businesses in positions relevant to their choices of academic degree, as well as opening avenues to future gainful employment as a Virtual Assistant.

The Launchpad program provides trainees with the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in the use of a selected set of in-demand software, utilised by international business. The knowledge, skills, and experience gained through the program will provide participants with a clear and compelling competitive advantage over their peers in the ever-growing, ever more competitive VA community.

world-class virtual assistant
Specialised training on in-demand
software in the most popular business
niches in Australia and internationally
training platform connected to the real world
Access to a comprehensive training
platform for VAs built from
real-world knowledge
job postings
An opportunity to see, first hand how
VA’s support international business
and how rewarding that can be
key training program
A convenient and efficient
training program
shaking hands
An opportunity to increase
participants employment prospects
continuous support
Continuous support and lifelong learning
opportunities for those that excel

How it works

Step 1

Register to Launchpad

Step 2

Start Learning

Step 3

Pass the Assessment

Step 4

Get Certified

Interested to be part of Launchpad?

Who is Launchpad for?

Launchpad is open for everyone who wants to discover and learn new skills.

What is Yoonet and what do you do?
We help businesses to be more productive by utilising incredible talents to administer digital workflows for Australian and other international businesses.
Why should I join this program?

By joining this program, we open doors to:

  • Better quality job opportunities
  • Career and personal growth
  • Start several steps ahead against other job-seekers
  • Learn real-world skills, actually required of international businesses! The theory is great and your degree has given you that, but skills that are in demand by business right now is what leads to employment.
What if I failed the assessment?
That’s okay. You can retake the exam after 24 hours until you pass.
Why should I take training for this specific software? Is my skill not enough?

In Yoonet we believe that change is the only constant thing in this world. Launchpad will provide in-demand skills and software training that puts you a step ahead against other job seekers. The more knowledge and skill that you have, the more competent you are. And the more relevant, in-demand by employers, that knowledge is, the further ahead you will be.

Do I need to take a test after the training?
Yes! At the end of every training path, there will be an exam that you have to complete. To ensure a good match between candidates and clients, you will be evaluated based on the results of these exams.
How much is the fee to join this program?
Yoonet will provide you with all the materials needed to support you in this training program. Therefore, NO fees will be collected from the trainees.
After I complete and pass the assessment, what is next for me? Can I undertake other training?
Our training portal will always be updated with in-demand training that can help you land that job! Aside from that, you will be placed in a recruitment priority list and you will be contacted once the company has a new onboarding client that suits you.
Who is my contact person if I have some questions about Launchpad?

For any questions regarding the program, you can contact us using these platforms:

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We're always looking for ways to give back
We're always looking for ways to give back